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2023 Coaches Clinic

Connecting with Baseball Coaches across Arkansas

This year's lineup is filled with knowledgeable, inspiring, and innovative coaches whose presentations will assist your team's transformation to practice, play, and compete at a championship level. Come learn from the best in the game!

The Head Hog, Coach Dave Van Horn, had this to say about the BCAA:

      "Our Razorback Baseball coaches will be proud members of the Baseball Coaches Association of Arkansas. We feel           it's imperative that the local youth league coach, and the Major League manager, and all of us in between continue to 

       learn together so that this great game can continue to advance in our state and so that the lives of young people will 

        be enriched by the lessons baseball teaches. We will not always be physically present at all BCAA events, but we 

        will be there to teach, help, and learn whenever we can."

Meet The Presenters

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